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Shipping & Returns





This is an EXCLUSIVE ONLINE store, so no orders are taken except through the website.


On the territory of Romania and abroad, all orders are delivered via a courier company - FAN courier. Exclusively for deliveries outside ROMANIA, on request, you may also choose to send parcels with the Romanian Post or other courier company, in which case this will be done when the order is placed in the - SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS OR ORDER COMMENTS - section.

For orders in Romania exceeding 499 ron the courier fee for the customer is zero, the cost being borne by the company S.C. D.R.I.M. FASHION DESIGN SRL.


24 hours, average delivery time. Each order has an average delivery time of 24 hours from the time of pickup by the courier company.


SMS and phone notification. You are advised by SMS when picking up the package by the courier company as well as on the morning of delivery. In SMS you will receive details about your order status, but also the AWB number of the package for a tracking *** exactly.


Payment for pickup. In the case of the payment of a refund, the payment will be made - when the parcel is removed from the delivery agent.


For the opening of the parcel at the moment of delivery in the presence of the courier, the addressee shall be additionally charged the amount of 2.50 lei / expedition, without VAT, giving the recipient the opportunity to visualize the contents of the package without technically checking, testing, testing, the product. This service is optional and can only be accessed and charged, only to the sender.(ONLY FOR ROMANIAN CLIENTS)


THE EXPORTER - reserves the right not to provide the delivery service within the average 24-hour period with the obligation to inform clients of this fact before taking over the order in the following cases:

- unfavorable weather conditions independent of the sender's wishes (fog, blizzard, snow, heavy rains, floods, yellow / orange / red cod, poles, closed / impractical roads, etc.)

- a large number of orders registered and in operation;

- large volumes of orders in relation to existing logistics equipment in special situations or crowded periods (Christmas, Black Friday, Easter, 1-8 March, etc.);

-awb was not generated from the Self AWB application or from the EXPEDITOR's own application integrated with the payment system of the website.


The customer's agreement upon taking over the order under the above-mentioned conditions is equivalent to the acceptance by the client of the risk of non-performance of the services within the average term of 24 hours.


Redirecting the expedition to another address within the same location is free, delivery will be done the next business day.


Redirecting the expedition to another address in another location is made against the FAN courier charges, and the CONSIGNEE will pay for this redirect.


THE EXPEDIER is not liable for the products shipped in the case of the wrong addresses entered in the login field on our website or if the DESTINATOR has moved his / her home / domicile as well as after signing the arrival at destination of the shipments. In any of these cases, the courier company will take all care to ensure that the shipment is delivered even with delay.

SC FAN Courier Express SRL, based on the commercial contract signed with S.C. D.R.I.M. Fashion Design SRL, is empowered to collect the value of parcels shipped and invoiced by EXPEDITOR. The tax code allows this according to art. 271 (3) (e)).


THE EXPEDITOR will issue the completed AWB from the selfawb application or through its own site or application integrated with the FAN COURIER system prior to picking up the shipments (completing the awb confirms acceptance of the FAN Courier conditions);


At destination, for the amount of the refund, FAN Courier will issue a refund receipt for the package.


For deliveries outside Romania, the average delivery time of a parcel is 3-5 business days **, depending on the country of destination, may take up to 5 to 25 days from the time of pickup by the courier company . The transport price varies depending on destination / area / weight (between 12 and 25 euro) and will be communicated to you, prior to the order being sent, or automatically when the order is placed or when the order is handed over, an email at the address you specify.


For orders outside the country, PAYMENT RAMBURS is not accepted. After the full payment of the product and the shipment will be delivered.


* Express courier company agreed to deliver parcels in Romania / EU is FanCourier.


** For deliveries outside the EU and US territory, you may also choose to ship with ROMANIAN POST or another courier company. Careful! The average delivery time of parcels can it is

between 3 and 25 working days depending on the country of destination.


*** The status of each package can be tracked in real time using the AWB (Air Way Bill) number received via SMS.


Products not in stock and part of -a custom order, where the buyer expressly desires certain design elements, is delivered within a maximum of 10 business days. (And up to 30-35 business days outside of Romania)

Products that are part of the customized online order are out of stock and are released in production right after the order receipt. Depending on the degree of loading, orders can reach the customer within 8-10 business days (and up to 30-35 working days outside of Romania). If you want to know exactly when your product will be available, please request the delivery date on the phone displayed on our website, before the order is launched, or in writing at the email address


RETURNING CONDITIONS- We want you to be fully satisfied when you buy products from us. If, however, for some reason, you are not satisfied with the products you ordered, you can return them and we will reimburse them for their value.

Customers may return the purchased products in their original packaging without signs of wear or dirt within 10 business days of receipt, without penalty or claim of any reason, by announcing this return in advance, ONLY IN WRITING, to the email address of Contact page. In the return request do not forget to mention the order number.

Do not consider phone return requests or arrive on other online routes. You can choose to return the product value or purchase other products from our store. Returning products will be at the expense of the customer.

After receiving the returned parcel and finding that the conditions for return were met, SC D.R.I.M. FASHION DESIGN S.R.L. Will return the order value within 30 working days of receipt of the return.

IMPORTANT Do not ship the parcel with a refund, it will be refused with no later notice. Any return that does not comply with the conditions below will be refused.


  1. The return is only through the express courier company , Through which you also received the package, delivered directly to the indicated address, from the email you received. The shipping fee must be paid by the CLIENT requesting the return.

  2. If you do not receive the same product / size / color that you ordered, the product can be returned without paying the return fee.


ATTENTIONS! On the site are the dimensions of most products - if the product does not fit you means you did not see the size table and in this case the shipping charges will be borne by you.


3. If the purchased product has defects in manufacture (model, size and color, not transport), please contact us within 3 days of receipt of the package. We assume liability and will replace the article with an identical one, wherever possible, or we will pay the full value of the product, SC D.R.I.M. FASHION DESIGN SRL with the transportation fees to you

4. You may also request another size, another color, another product, or the refund of your counterfeit in return for the product returned.

5. Returned products must contain the original packaging (box, labels, protective foil - if any) undamaged and show no signs of wear, makeup, smell, etc. In the case of clothing products, we mention that they must be returned without removing the cord and / or cardboard label of the product. Before shipping the products to you, we check that there are no defects in the fabrication, the same pattern, size , Color with what you ordered. The products are new, unrecognized, except where the products are vintage and have been cleansed, cleaned, etc.


For orders made outside the country, the return policy is applied taking into account the specifications up, including the full payment by the customer / consignee of the round trip and return. The full payment for the product will be returned to the customer, within 30 days of receipt of the parcel's refund, only after the product status check, which must fit into the above mentioned return policy. Once the product has returned, the return request must contain data about its refusal and a valid bank account, which will return the amount previously paid when purchasing the product.