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 Create sketches customized for any product fashion, can develop collections for any line of clothes, from the initial design to realization printing in prototype phase, our portfolio with projects ranging: hostess, modern ballet, casual, held for nurses and moderators TV, various characters for film and tv, uniforms for hotels, airlines, schools, private clubs, etc.

  We provide consulting in the fashion field, follow a process full of clothing production, we design programs working in the fashion and style of clothing production, tv of a trust or a company.

  We provide personal stylists, from building a garderobe, drawing a style sheets counseling, assistance in purchasing clothing products, to custom manufacture of products set after some sketches and personal talks.


  We have bodypainting specialists, we use special colors for body painting, guaranteed against irritation or skin damage, participating in many such jobs, from private parties, corporate events, club launches or commercials and TV shows.


  Create sketches of scenography ptr TV projects, theater, film, events, music videos, commercials, etc. We provide qualified personnel to service designer, assistant designer, propsmaster, machinists, in fields scenography (TV, film, theater, various events).

For more information and for a quote, please contact us by email: or phone 0745676995, Monday through Friday, 9.00-17.00.


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