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We offer for rent, suits consisting of several clothing items, which make up a character, and various clothing items separated.

 All services are counseled by an experienced professional stylist who will look and fit, depending on the measures and theme chosen by your outfit that you want.

The costumes can be part of a project tv, film, advertising, video, themed parties, etc.

 Price counseling service clothing, enter the rent costumes, so you will benefit from a careful guidance of a specialist that will help better choice and will save you the time necessary composing a character / costume. 

   The costumes can be rented for 24 hours and on weekends, costumes rises Friday and return on Monday, considering himself one day. Minimum order is 5 euro, except when it signed a contract for a longer period, in which we will provide the necessary costumes.

  Early booking costume is not mandatory, but in this way is eliminated the risk of not finding desirable or appropriate measure suit. Reservations can be made online by email: or based on a prior appointment by phone number: +4074567695, and an advance payment of 10% of the order value.

  The costumes can be viewed on demand on wats-up or e-mail, after some discussion about the dress requirements, and a firm but not more than 3 products. If you wish viewed more than 3 products for command/product. Will be charged an additional fee related to the price of rent costumes.

   Searching for Products in magazine suits their allocation character, their shooting will be done by a stylist who will make the best choice for you.

To rent you need the following steps:

 Step 1: choosing costumes or pieces of clothing on our site or an appointment at the center for rent.

 Step 2: prepare a lease agreement with the client's personal data

 Step 3: payment amount 

 If not returned costume from the date stipulated in the contract, the customer agrees to pay 50% of the value paid for each day of delay.

  If, for various reasons the reservation will stop a tax of 2,5 euro  for each suit booked and the remaining amount will be refunded to the customer.   If a suit is not up to date reserved established in the contract, the money can not be refunded because the suit was kept especially for you and could not be rented to another client.  

Prices for renting will be informed before they make the contract and pick up products. If the suits in valuation will rise more than  110 euro / command, there will be a 5% discount on an order of 220 euro discount can be up to 10%, excluding VAT.

   If you are looking for that which does not exist in suits repository, we can bring the command in maximum 5-7 days, depending on the product desired fashion. 

We also have the possibility to fabricated in our workshop, every piece of clothing designed specifically for you, with an experienced designer, for any project: tv, film, advertising, video, hostess, personal clubs, personal hotels, parties thematic, etc.

  Through a firm order and a signed contract department staff can provide costume designer, stylist, assistant stylist, dresser who will take part in your project, depending on the extent of your will recommend the number of staff required.

All costumes are cleaned before being released for rent, so we ask that when returned costumes, to be in the same condition in which you received, otherwise they charge extra cleaning.

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