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Vintage ... are really some of them, not all of them. Some are just outdated and taken out to be worn, but reinvented, old and new at the same time. We are trying to enjoy products that have the time crusted and were created some years ago ... so we can say that they are vintage and not antiquities. Fashion, and now we are talking about everything that is related to fashion, clothes, bags, decorations, jewelery, photos, even a word said in a certain way or how to wear something, somehow it was at a time Given a way to fit you, respectively, to be fashionable .... when that something gets demoted, things out of the ordinary, slowly, become legends ... we joke, now we call them vintage. So please be pleased with our choices made by the artistic team made by artist shop, specialized and familiar with the fine art, offering just what it is worth admiring, bought and kept .... We have Imagined a Vintage store filled with things that most beautiful, to come with professional experience, to help you, guide you, what you want to buy.

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