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Made by Artist 

We are a team of specialists in the field of fashion design. We have formed in artistic schools, and we have worked with specialists in the field. We are approaching the fashion field with new and original creations that surely will attract your eyes where you wear them.

Our products, unique and in limited series, are for people who want to make a statement from any outing in the city. We like to add the originality to any wearer, it is the thing we best understand. But most of all, we like to shake up trends, be fashion-setters, and help our customers get noticed anywhere, anytime. For them, we continually create and exceed our limits with every product we take out of the MADE BY ARTIST workshop.

   Most of the clothing products are designed by Razvan Dumitran - Masterand in Visual Arts, the head of the National Art University, Bucharest, the Moda section - and Monica Valcu Dumitran, graduate of the National Art University, Bucharest - print department, Masterand in Visual Arts .

Together with a team of talented and dedicated people, we have one goal: to create out-of-the-box clothing for people who want to be reminded anywhere, anytime.

The story of the MADEBYARTIST brand was born out of a desire to offer an alternative to existing series of products on the market and to encourage audiences to appreciate their limited, handmade creations. So we took our hearts in the teeth and started to create and inspire from collections and trends in fashion, using to the full capacity all imagination and creativity.

The first creations were made in a bohemian workshop with a lot of passion and talent, but especially sleepless nights. We wanted to enter the market and convince people that our products have no term to compare under the signature MADEBYARTIST, to build novelty pieces, handmade, in limited series, to be avant-garde and creative.

We create for men and women alike, who understand that personal style and attitude are essential when it comes to anything. Most importantly, our customers understand that behind a single piece of clothing are hours of work, and it is the quality that persuades them every time. We rejoice whenever customers choose us, this being the confirmation that our efforts to create unique and out of the box products are fully rewarded.

  We are likely one of the few workshops that can boast over 17 years of experience in TV, film and production advertising (styling and scenography). We have worked in more than 1000 artistic projects (11 new year show - TV channel Antena 1), we have built over 40,000 outfits for moderators / presenters / dancers and competitors in some of the most important shows, we have produced about 3000 scenographers , Being one of the most appreciated and recognized workshops among the big televisions on the Romanian market. Among the most important styling projects we mention: • "ROMANIAN HAVE ARTISTS" - producer MIHAI BENDEAC • "IN MY CHICKENS" - producer MIHAI BENDEAC • "MONDENS" - producer MIHAI BENDEAC • "I COMEDY" - producer MIHAI BENDEAC • "NEW YEAR SHOW ANTENA 1 - 2006 - 2017 • "FEST FUNNY" - with VASILE MURARU / NAE LAZARESCU • "BAG WITH STARS " - with DAN NEGRU • "NEXT STAR" - with DAN NEGRU • " RUSTY STEEL "- SCENOGRAPHY AND COSTUMES / ARTISTIC FILM - with DEAN STOCKWELL, JOHANN URB, PAUL CAMPBELL •" CIAO DARWIN "- with DAN NEGRU •" RAIN WITH STARS "- 2000-2003

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